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A diverse and interdisciplinary set of offerings.

The academy is not merely a martial arts school.  Our hope is to continue tto expand offerings in any and all movement disciplines, be they for performance, fitness, or simply expanded living.

SAFD Training

Training in stage combat principles and techniques as practiced by the Society of American Fight Directors.  Thirty or more hours of training in any one form makes the student eligible to take a Skills Proficiency Test, adjudicated by SAFD Fight Masters.  Certificates of proficiency are issued upon successful completion of the test.  Testing will take place about 3 times per year.  Renewal tests may also be taken at that time.


HEMA stands for Historic European Martial Arts.  It is the study of historic fencing systems, as set down in manuals of the time.  This work can inform an actor's stage combat skills, or may be practiced as any other martial art form.

Margolis Method 

The Margolis Method is a methodology of developing and training dynamic and dramatic movement in actors.  This training is in its infancy at the Academy, but the goal is to fully develop a curriculum

in the future.


The Academy wants to expand to offer classes in Tai Chi, Yoga, and other performance movement forms. We also wamt to host special workshop classes.  Interested instructors should contact us with their teaching background and offerings.

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